• With all the new utilities we are getting as in ChatGPT, AI+web search like you.com, perplexity.io, Kagi and their coming contextual search and the sort,
    a crucial fact to keep in mind is the results and responses could be wrong.

    They are google search on steroids.
    Higher chance of being true,
    and yet,
    could be wrong.

  • Was checking some audio setups and noticed I perceive the music and the sound differently with my eyes closed.
    From the details,
    to sound stage,
    to feeling.
    The whole experience!
    It’s more lively,
    and more vibrant.

    Then tried to replicate it with open eyes, while being more focused and mindful.
    A tid closer, but not quite there…
    It’s just not the same.

    Then started checking how the internet feels about it, and looks like I’m not alone.
    There have been some experiments around the topic, and the observation is
    even being inside an empty, dark room,
    the difference in experience is still there!

    Didn’t expect this

  • Seth Godin writes:

    If you do anything at the last minute that takes more than a minute, you’re not organizing your project properly.

    The last minute is not a buffer zone, nor is it the moment to double-check your work.

    The last minute is simply sixty seconds to enjoy and to remind yourself that you successfully planned ahead.

    I wonder if this could ever be the case with software projects. Either way, it’s definitely something to aim for; by defining smaller projects that have shorter lifespans

    Link: seths.blog/2022/09/t…

  • Is taking things so seriously improving my performance?
    How can today feel like play?

    Source: jamesclear.com/3-2-1

  • Unexpected side-effect of using a wired headphone with my desktop is I sit down, and keeeep working 😅 The paylist though should be good enough

  • Another great piece by Seth Godin: Five true statements we don’t hear very often.

    This is so true. Am totally guilty of this,
    and will aim to do better

  • ahaha, lovely touch from letterboxd 👀

  • #NoEstimates ✊

  • “The reason that most of us are unhappy most of the time is that we set our goals not for the person we’re going to be when we reach them, but we set our goals for the person we are when we set them.”
    — Jim Coudal 💬

    I think the same idea applies to finding friends and partners.

  • Posting the video reminded me of this intersting piece –amongst many others– by Joe Armstrong: A Week with Elixir.

  • I miss Joe… so inspirational.
    All his talks are amongst my favorites, just starting with this one

  • If you’d learn (I hope not) you will be alive for only 10 more years, would you change something about how you live?

    How about a year? Or even less?

    I’m not quite sure…
    And it does bother me

  • sick
    and sick of it

  • From National Gallery of Canada: Exploring the Psychology of Creativity / Jordan B. Peterson

  • Those who know me, know how much I love Lex Fridman’s podcast. By no means “The Best” episode –cannot pick that really– but my first exposure was the episodes with Jim Keller.
    just Great!
    Have listened to them a couple of times since then, and every time learned something new

    Here are some clips, but do check the full episodes:
    Most People Don’t Think Simple Enough
    Abstraction Layers from the Atom to the Data Center

  • Best intro to category theory

  • Now I know what’d be my next speakers. Next year?

    Buchardt S400 MKII
  • Always thought to do FP, learning set and category theory is unnecessary. Not quite there yet to have a strong opinion, but am starting to feel different.

    I still think it’s best not to talk about it in the beginning, but am seeing how it could be of use

  • Unpopular opinion: iPhone sizes don’t make sense. They are a row too long, or a column too short 🤷‍♂️

  • collector loses 100 ETH in a joke gone wrong
    I’m liking this more than I should 🙈

  • This actually seems to be easier than what I imagined first 🤞
    and more laborious 😥
    [starts customizing theme]

  • “Champions have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill.”
    — Muhammed Ali 💬

  • On how ✂︎ (U+2702) becomes ✂️ (U+2702 U+FE0F)
    Link: emoji under the hood