To me, it is:

  • value delivery,
  • rhythm of future delivery.

Agility is about effectivity, and becoming more efficient at it.
It should be towards providing a competitive edge.
A lens for every department, engineering included, to evaluate what and how they work.
Anything else is a waste of time, energy and other resource.

  • timing the tickets?
  • waste of resources – #NoEstimates.
  • writing tickets?
  • more wastage.
  • keeping a backlog?
  • a drain
  • growing backlog of errors to be fixed?
  • endless cycle of waste
  • how about? (on twitter)

The path?
Study users.
Watch them interact with the product.
Hear them.
Find their values.

About engineering department,
their focus stretches beyond developing today's best solution;
They should also consider:

  • improving the current rhythm (by internal tooling, design choices, architecture, refactoring, etc)
  • enabling superior solutions; unlock new potentials (think of Apple's M-series chips vs. betting on Intel)

Each part significant;
each part strategic;
all while the focus is kept on what truly matters: real value for the users.

Embrace value.
Embrace Agility.