I code.
A creative sort.
Motto: “we can do better” – related: The Song of Significance.
Effectivity over efficiency.
Up for Agility.

Mostly geek on: coding practices, programming languages, Software Design & Architecture.
Interested in: product (design and growth), design (UX to graphics), business, abstracts, psychology and social behavior;
and beverages! – a coffee nerd

Hi! 👋

This is Shahab.

A software developer,
currently digging into classics,
and playing around with Functional Programming and Design.

Most fluent with JavaScript,
good with Elixir,
exploring Rust, Haskell, Lisp (family).

Apart from code, I'm a fan of
and all things creative.

Here, I hope to share some of my findings, explorations, thoughts, and learnings.

Please do feel free to say hi on Bluesky, or
by email using contact at shahabkhalvati.com

While even less active, you may also find me on: Mastodon / Twitter.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best of luck,