• #NoEstimates ✊

  • Posting the video reminded me of this intersting piece –amongst many others– by Joe Armstrong: A Week with Elixir.

  • I miss Joe… so inspirational.
    All his talks are amongst my favorites, just starting with this one

  • From National Gallery of Canada: Exploring the Psychology of Creativity / Jordan B. Peterson

  • Those who know me, know how much I love Lex Fridman’s podcast. By no means “The Best” episode –cannot pick that really– but my first exposure was the episodes with Jim Keller.
    just Great!
    Have listened to them a couple of times since then, and every time learned something new

    Here are some clips, but do check the full episodes:
    Most People Don’t Think Simple Enough
    Abstraction Layers from the Atom to the Data Center

  • Best intro to category theory

  • On how ✂︎ (U+2702) becomes ✂️ (U+2702 U+FE0F)
    Link: emoji under the hood

  • One of the things I don’t like about Clubhouse is that the content is gone when gone… I don’t like to participate in something like that, and I’m happy this one is stored. Interesting stories