• Going through Make Something Wonderful, was reminded of this talk by Keith Yamashita I thought to share:

    P.S. If you haven’t checked out the book already, just do it! Great content, accompanied by a great reading experience. It sure is another wonderful thing 🤘

  • “Everything Everywhere All at Once” was an amazing experience. The story was fun, the performances were great, and there were plenty of tributes and smaller stories, all coming together and creating something bigger.

    Yet what really stood out was the passion. The build was serious and professional, yet the experience felt raw, fresh, playful, with great care for the details.

    Was planning a longer post, but just start with The Story of the Daniels in 10 (Short) Videos
    And then search “The Daniels” on YouTube and watch them talk.

    PS It’s how I learned about this beautiful music video:

  • #NoEstimates ✊

  • Posting the video reminded me of this intersting piece –amongst many others– by Joe Armstrong: A Week with Elixir.

  • I miss Joe… so inspirational.
    All his talks are amongst my favorites, just starting with this one

  • From National Gallery of Canada: Exploring the Psychology of Creativity / Jordan B. Peterson

  • Those who know me, know how much I love Lex Fridman’s podcast. By no means “The Best” episode –cannot pick that really– but my first exposure was the episodes with Jim Keller.
    just Great!
    Have listened to them a couple of times since then, and every time learned something new

    Here are some clips, but do check the full episodes:
    Most People Don’t Think Simple Enough
    Abstraction Layers from the Atom to the Data Center

  • Best intro to category theory

  • Curious how ✂︎ (U+2702) becomes ✂️ (U+2702 U+FE0F)?
    Check Emoji under the hood

  • One of the things I don’t like about Clubhouse is that the content is gone when gone… I don’t like to participate in something like that, and I’m happy this one is stored. Interesting stories